About ThermoSign™

Thermosign is a patented concept developed by Peacock Salt the UK biggest supplier of salt and winter maintenance equipment.

Every year millions of pounds are lost as a direct result of people slipping on ice and snow. For a modest investment we feel a major contribution can be made to pedestrian safety.

The sign is based in ink and printing technology. The main body of the sign is Photoluminscent. This means it glows in the dark. The Warning element is Thermochromic. This mean the ink starts to show when the temperature is below 5 degrees. We have built in a margin for error as the signs will on occasion be placed in an area which may not be the coldest on site.

The signs have a working life of one winter season. This is because the the ink starts to loose some of its properties after prolonged periods outside. All signs are dated.

We currently offer two methods of mounting. Self adhesion and board mounted for attachment to existing posts.

Thermosign are working on several other innovative products and would be delighted to up date you as to their progress as more information becomes available. Please e mail us.

The signs can be mounted on glass, on boards or on existing signs.

Branded Signs

We have the facility to produce Branded Signs. This means that you can have your own message, logo, colours and design.

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