Weather Reactive Signs

The signs we sell are designed to warn pedestrians of potentially slippy conditions. Our patented idea is made using the most modern ink technology which allows us to produce as sign that Glows in the dark, has a very high visibility border and has a warning message that appears at 5 degrees and below.

It is weather proof and comes in either a self adhesive format or mounted on a board for you to secure. This signs re best displayed in an area that is not exposed to continual direct sunlight.

The nature of the ink means that Ultraviolet from the suns rays eventually lessens the effect of the sign. Because of this we recommend that the sign is changed annually.

We are currently looking at different sizes of signs. To make an enquiry please use the contact us link at the top of the page.

Branded Signs

We have the facility to produce Branded Signs. This means that you can have your own message, logo, colours and design.

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